Jul 9, 2011

Only so many wheels to turn

Hello Readers!

We have been very behind in updating this blog. That's not to say we haven't been online though. We've migrated populating blogging content to our Facebook page. We hope that you can join us on there with all the latest events and store discussions and thanks very much for visiting us here on 'a Blog of Cheese'.

Also, come find us on Twitter: @Cheese_Boutique

Feb 4, 2011

February: Month of the Party Platter

February is an event filled winter buster. We have been busily planning three major themed platters for the month. The Superbowl Platter features a stadium-style board featuring cheese-teams in a big face off.

It's the perfect feast for your group of famished football fan foodies.

Next up-- it's that time of year for chocolate lovers, cheese lovers, and lovers of all sorts-- so for a limited time you can order our Valentine's Gift Platters, made with assorted fine chocolate, sweets and cheese.
Win one one of these choco-cheese loveboards through our "It takes 2 hearts 2 tango" Contest.

There are 2 ways to do this:

1. Go to our Facebook Page and see our antique Gouda Cheese Cutter photo album. The first person to message us the answer in that thread to the following questions, wins! 
Name who manufactured this antique Gouda Cutter?
What is their business title today?
What was the year it was put into production?

2. Start following us on Twitter. Before Feb 12 we will be engaging our followers for a chance to win a loveboard...first person to tweet us back with the correct answer will win!

Gotta come to the store though to claim the Loveboard-- no deliveries!

Finally, having an Oscar Party?
Oscar Nominated themed platters are our specialty! Decadent assortments of cheese, meats and accoutrements with a trophy-shaped cheese selection in center stage. Lights, camera, engorge!

Dec 12, 2010

Festive Concierto, December 18th, 9-10 am

International Opera Tenor, John Mac Master returns to CheeseB next Saturday, December 18th for a morning concierto, 9-10 am.

A shopping experience like no other!

Dec 6, 2010

Christmas is drawing near, and the store is brimming with seasonal goodies. Recently arrived, in fact, is a fresh order of both Black and White Truffles... not to mention truffles of the chocolate variety.

For your Holiday feasting needs, now is the time to pre-order a Free-Range local turkey and our famous in-house dry-aged meats. We'll have it all ready for you to pick-up when you need it.

Recently seen around the store:

The Bob Blumer visit and book-signing on Nov. 13:

"Glutton for Pleasure," Blumer's cookbook-slash-memoir.

Announcing an exciting new addition for CheeseB-- our own customized delivery van! We're not sure what we should call it yet... "Cheesemobile" maybe? A refrigerated cheese cave on wheels and it will be very easy to, ahem... 'spot' on its missions around the city.

Here is a teaser for you:

A blank canvass

Detail work a.k.a "cutting the cheese"

It's a question-- but also a suggestion

Although you may have already seen it on the road (we couldn't wait to get it running around)...the unveiling will be on here soon!

Nov 8, 2010

Bob Blumer Book Tour Arriving at Cheese B

Where would a culinary adventurer make a pit-stop around Toronto anyway?

Cheese Boutique, of course! Fans of intrepid culinary daredevil and TV personality Bob Blumer will be pleased to hear that he'll be making an appearance at our store on Saturday, Nov. 13.

The creator/host of two successful Food Network series, Glutton for Punishment and The Surreal Gourmet, will be available from 10 am til 1pm to sign copies of his new book "Glutton for Pleasure".

In his new book, Bob delivers the ultimate collection of his signature recipes (including many never seen in print), and healthy measure of irreverent-yet-practical kitchen advice for chefs of every skill level. Glutton for Pleasure provides creative solutions to help readers elevate their quality of life through food, spirits and music. Not sure what wine to pair with your meal? Uncertain of the how to keep your pantry primed for spontaneous meals? Wavering on the perfect music to flambé by? (think 'Burning Down the House' by Talking Heads). Paired with rollicking stories and anecdotes from almost 20 years as the adventure-hunting, Guinness world record-breaking, punishment-seeking, Surreal Gourmet, this book is not to be missed!

Come to Cheese B between 10am-1pm on Nov. 13 to purchase your own signed copy and meet Mr. Blumer!

Sep 24, 2010

Tasting Series: Rundown

Tasting Series has been running full throttle. We've seen Chris Woods treating customers with Risotto, Palais Royale's Executive Chef, Steffan Howard capturing the splendid local tomato season stuffed with Italian Boccacini and Globe Bistro's Kevin McKenna, utilizing fresh Duck Eggs for the Ravioli stuffed with squash and ricotta.

In the midst of Tasting Series, on Oct 8th, Cheese Boutique celebrated their 40th anniversary and CBC Radio One was on hand to do a featurette on the manic practice of affinage. CBC's Jason Osler who puts together Metro Morning's JoPublic segment (click to listen), came by the store and through the magic of editing Jason built a story from 50 min of dialogue into 4 min of feeling like you were talking directly with Afrim.

Rundown of net links:
We were at the Brickworks Picnic: Jamie Drummond's musings, and James Chatto's blog

For our Tasting Series we linked into a fanatical gourmand of ours who reached out to us to want to try all the restaurants that Cheese B was hosting over 8 weeks.
We found out since that Raymi is one of the pioneer bloggers and has a unique approach and style with a dedicated audience, on top of being a web blog award winner and marathon diarist....so we set her free and here's her experience so far:
Cowbell Part 1, Cowbell Part 2, Palais Royale, Cheese Boutique, Café du Lac

Tasting Series presentations are every Saturday from 12-4 pm. until October 30th.
For current and more immediate updates of the event--there is a Facebook page set up for it here.

Sep 14, 2010

Tasting Series-Fall edition 2010

Tasting Series is back! Last Saturday, Café du Lac with Chef Bernadette Calpito came by to present a Quebecois Goat Cheese Terrine with a .5 inch slab of fig fused with Australian Chiraz. For the carnivore version, it was wrapped in prosciutto. Missed it? No problem, there are 7 more Saturday's to go. Here's the full rundown:

Studying before sampling.
Meet the Chef! Knowing the people behind the food that you enjoy is a great way to understand process and style, and take home a few tricks.
Terrine-Quebecois Goat Cheese with fig.
Kathryn Ashby (Owner-Café du Lac), Executive Chef Bernadette Calpito
For more--there is an event page here (Facebook).