Dec 12, 2010

Festive Concierto, December 18th, 9-10 am

International Opera Tenor, John Mac Master returns to CheeseB next Saturday, December 18th for a morning concierto, 9-10 am.

A shopping experience like no other!

Dec 6, 2010

Christmas is drawing near, and the store is brimming with seasonal goodies. Recently arrived, in fact, is a fresh order of both Black and White Truffles... not to mention truffles of the chocolate variety.

For your Holiday feasting needs, now is the time to pre-order a Free-Range local turkey and our famous in-house dry-aged meats. We'll have it all ready for you to pick-up when you need it.

Recently seen around the store:

The Bob Blumer visit and book-signing on Nov. 13:

"Glutton for Pleasure," Blumer's cookbook-slash-memoir.

Announcing an exciting new addition for CheeseB-- our own customized delivery van! We're not sure what we should call it yet... "Cheesemobile" maybe? A refrigerated cheese cave on wheels and it will be very easy to, ahem... 'spot' on its missions around the city.

Here is a teaser for you:

A blank canvass

Detail work a.k.a "cutting the cheese"

It's a question-- but also a suggestion

Although you may have already seen it on the road (we couldn't wait to get it running around)...the unveiling will be on here soon!