Jul 2, 2010

Raymification: Food Concert

Hi, I'm Raymi and I'm a celebrity blogger who also just so happens to be an eataholic. I come bearing no off button, so when Cheese Boutique invited me along for the Seafood for Thought event (Toronto Zoo's 2nd annual fundraiser that promotes Sustainable Food) eating tour I just about fainted. I photograph everything I put in my body on the regular (foodie gourmand extraordinaire in the making) so this event suited me juuust fine.

Seeing Cheese Boutique family upon entrance I kept my cool. I didn't want to let on how ravenous I actually was (coming off a suicide-mission fast). I networked a little with the FoodNetwork chicks then I politely excused myself to inhale three delicious cheeses
as Afrim explained ever so diplomatically whatever it was I had been shovelling into my maw (editor note: St. Maure pucks, Big Ed sandwiched with Sardinian Flatbread) , then chased down with some of that phenom in-house goat's milk yogurt. I find this is a theme for me when it comes to eating/sampling. It's hard to not have tunnel vision for the food in my hand on its way down my trap. I must learn to pay better attention and maybe eat something at a gas station enroute to foodietown so I can use a higher percentage of my brain whilst imbibing. I could've eaten a stingray (Which we got to hang with, feed, and pet. Amazing!).Off to the food tour and so many things to praise. From C5's poboy sandwiches to the wine, oh the wine, we love our wine. I was in a food vortex. A full-on food eating frenzy! Manouvering around damp soggy grass patches covered in cocoa moss chips the stuff urbanists use to decorate their gardens with, elbowing past foodies inhaling oysters and ahi, laughing shrimp from Belize (who knew shrimp even laughed?!! hysterical I love it!) in the Carribean, spicy catfish, more wine, strawberries and chocolate fountains oh my god I could get used to this. My poor pants might not though. I do love these events because we're all experiencing what we most enjoy, dressed to impress, on our best behaviour and loosening up as the wine keeps a-flowing. You do a circuit then you do another and another. Take a stingray chocolate fountain break then do it all over again. Gourmet buffet dining events are rock concerts for hardcore foodists and they are so fun. At many a juncture we would exclaim to one another how amazing everything was, utterly dumbfounded and you know, it beats a real concert hands down and I can say this because I've been drunk and bored at my fair share of concerts over the years, being a pro blogger of the city, by the people and all. I'd easily go back in time and swap numerous live music events for a food event in a high cholesterol hearbeat. Not a problem.

So here's the thing with sustainable food and why you should give a care about it. You can't just take a baseball diamond-sized net and drag it across the ocean anymore collecting up all the delicious creatures you'd like to put on melba toasts. I mean, sure at one point you could, but the world got greedy and now so many under water neighbourhoods are dismantled because of it, screwing over a LOT of fish. Think of all the fish they accidentally drag up in those nets trying to catch the big guys. Sadface. This is why if your goal is to incorporate elitist dining into your life you should at least attempt to go the ethical route.
Think globally, act locally. Hippie it up for a change. Or do like Cheese Boutique and introduce slow food into your world. A pox on fast food I say!
Another thing I learned at Seafood for Thought was that I deserve to walk around with a microphone just like that Roger Mooking soul food cat. He MC'd the event. What a character. You'd be dreamily feasting on scallop corn stew and all of a sudden this smooth croony voice would boom out of a jungle bush at you from all sides, where is that voice coming from? So funny. We chatted for awhile and didn't part ways until I let him know how much of a big deal I was (you're not the only one Roger ahha). He's since emailed making fun of me for that. I meant it!

I cannot wait for the next round.

Always remember, the slower you eat, the fuller you get, so hit as much and many tables as you can from the get-go if you're going to be a professional eater like me!

xo your pal Raymi.

the big cheese: Thank you Raymi, looking forward to seeing you come out to more 'foodie concerts'.

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