Jul 29, 2010

English Cheese-Tasting, Take 2

In April, air travel disruptions caused by an erupting volcano in Iceland incurred world travel havoc. With the cloud of doom no longer present, we finally get to renew and showcase our English cheeses with feature presenter and cheese expert, Helen Dallimore, this Saturday from 12-4 pm.
Helen Dallimore is a cheese expert from Coombe Castle International, with an array of fine English cheeses. This is a rare opportunity for a "guided tour" of specialty cheeses from the U.K.

12-4 pm at CheeseB. (click link to google map it)

Sampling encouraged!


  1. Anonymous1:04 PM

    Will there be Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish cheeses there too?

    Because you're using the flag of the United Kingdom, which covers those three countries as well as England.

    If it were only English cheese tasting, you'd want to use the St. George's Cross instead.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out. To expedite we just Googled 'English Flag'-Images and that was the result.

    We weren't supplied with the cheese showcase overview so perhaps there might be a review of all cheese from the region...best to come and find out...or see the post coming up in review.

    errr, Cheers!