Jul 15, 2010

Cheesekeeper: Day in the Life

Friday's are for the food service industry a frenzy at the best of times. Customers and resto's clamor at CheeseB for weekend plans as well as last minute orders. (We would always recommend an earlier day of the week shopping experience at CheeseB.)

When notified that 'Cheesekeeper' Afrim Pristine was adding to that regular Friday schedule, two PR events on Friday, July 16, we tagged along for an exposé to see how electric things might get, all in a cheesekeeper's day's work.
The morning PR work started with bringing breakfast to Humble Howard and Collen Rusholme at Boom 97.3. Featured guest chef Christopher Woods makes a weekly address for the Foodie Friday segment and invited Afrim along to promote CheeseB as well as an Italian themed BBQ event at Langdon Hall that night.

It was a treat to get a live show by Humble Howard, a veteran Toronto radio announcer, while they ate breakfast catered by CheeseB. Is that a contradiction to work and eat when on the radio? Flashbacks of Mom saying, 'don't talk with your mouth full.' The retort should have been "we're breaking for commercial."

From there, we headed back to the store for the day orders as well as prepare an Italian, Mrs. Pristine inspired themed BBQ. Langdon Hall is running a Summer Sizzler BBQ series each Friday and Afrim was a guest presenter for week 3 in tandem with John Szabo, Master Sommelier.
We're fanatical for Langdon Hall and evidently the world agrees with us as they were recently sighted as 77th best restaurant on the planet. Executive Chef, Jonathan Gushue and Afrim developed the menu and the Langdon team flawlessly executed the summer sizzler. Afrim's matriach hails from Naples of which Afrim appropriated much of his food acumen. Fish, meats, vegetables and cheese were the savoury offerings for guests on what turned out to be a splendid and clear summer night. Note: stars are visible out in Cambridge. Further incentive to haul yourself to an event out of the city.
John Szabo, Master Sommelier

Note: White Anchovies are a delicacy and an exclusive product now at CheeseB.
Highly recommended when looking for something a little different.

To complement the Italian theme, John Szabo matched cuisine with regional Italian wines. What Afrim is to cheese (Chevalier du fromage), John is to wine representing Canada as it's first Master Sommelier. Insights from his studies and travels coloured an entertaining presentation as to how pairing is considered for the table menu. Cheese and wine is an unbreakable marriage and we hope to cross paths with John sooner than later as his selections were seductive.Every foodie should consider reserving a night this summer at Langdon Hall's event...the scenery is sublime and the food, outstanding. This event is their inaugural summer series and we look forward to seeing it return in 2011.
Next year's menu item?

We were tweeting throughout that day last week and taking orders on the drive home. For future live event updates, CheeseB's tweets are here.

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