Jun 25, 2010

Slow Food: Chef Series: reds bistro

On Friday, June 18, reds bistro hosted Slow Food Chefs Series dinner. The charcuterie buffet that ended the evening alludes to the tempo of evening indulgences. Just take a look at the still life!

After a 7-course meal, to see this buffet was a brain teaser on full blast ....eyes told me yes... stomach said, don't you dare, you're already spending the weekend at the gym.

The buffet was not left untouched as the event ended with the host culinary team from reds in a much more relaxed state to mingle with dining guests rounding out the festive evening. Service was excellent and a well deserved after party.

What was on the menu? (click to enlarge).The event fund raiser was presented by Slow Food Toronto and behind the scenes in the kitchen a powerhouse lineup of chefs were running the line, helmed by reds executive chef, MICHAEL STEH.
The lineup:
Bertrand Alépée | Amuse-Bouche
David Castellan | Victor
Jeff Crump | Ancaster Mill
Mark Cutrara | Cowbell
Donna Dooher | Mildred's Temple Kitchen
Jonathan Gushue | Langdon Hall
Jason Innis | Amuse-Bouche
Jamie Kennedy | Jamie Kennedy Kitchens
Chris McDonald | Cava
Kevin McKenna | Globe Bistro & Globe Earth
Afrim Pristine | Cheese Boutique
Leslie Steh | Four & Petit Four

Slow Food Toronto Mission:

Slow Food Toronto is on a mission to change, foster and steward the relationship to food of a city of six million people. Slow Food Toronto believes that access to good, clean, fair food is an irrevocable human right.

We’re tackling this mission on 5 levels:

Community: By building food community networks that include producers, artisans, chefs, food activists, youth leadership, and co-producers* (consumers).

Ecology: By ensuring biodiversity in our local agriculture systems and working towards abolishing GMOs, we’re supporting local, small-scale sustainable farm operations and opposing government support of corporate-controlled industrial farming.

Economy: By Creating sustainable, local food economies that support just wages for producers while ensuring that we still provide access to good, clean, fair food at a reasonable price for all.

Conviviality: To reconnect people with the pleasure of good food of authentic origin and flavour through taste education.

Culture: Sharing traditional and ethnic food cultures to ensure their preservation for future generations.

Sweet endings and hit repeat on this night.

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