May 4, 2010

Festival of Chefs 2010: the Drake Hotel

Anthony Rose
Drake Hotel 
At the Festival of Chefs on May 16th

The Drake Hotel-- design-district flair bringing us a wealth of music and art events, and great food to boot. Walk in and find the spacious main dining room, as well as their Raw Bar, the "Sky Lounge" rooftop patio, and a street-level patio. 

On this evening we found a nice table in the main dining lounge.  Our bread comes out right away, and it's here that the Drake and I get off on the right foot. It's a sourdough style baguette, warm and chewy, served with a fresh cheese spread instead of butter-- topped with olive oil and a few chili flakes.

The Raw bar in action-- Shellfish, Sushi rolls and Sashimi salads!

BC oysters

Appetizer: We start with 6 beautiful oysters. Fresh within a few hours of catching, they taste as clean as a diamond. They're served with apple cider "mignonette" to add a tangy accent to that sweet "oceanic" oyster essence.

"Sexy Simmered Brisket" 
The brisket looks and tastes as sexy as described in the menu. Especially so is that creamy horseradish and grain-mustard sauce, the completion of this rib-sticking dish. The brisket is fork-tender and permeated with a rich and wonderful gravy. The side is simply potatoes and root veggies, but they're roasted to perfection. This is what I would call a great marriage of nostalgic, home-cooked food with a trendy Hotel menu.
 Grilled Steelhead Trout
An elusive catch, this Steelhead Trout (so I hear from fishing enthusiasts) we landed one at the Drake, and it makes for a meaty fish entree. The flame-grilled crunchy skin tastes amazing, and for those who discard skins, I implore, taste it this time if no other! The trout comes a white bean chili,  applesauce, bitter watercress, and roasted brussel sprouts.

A jazz band was just settting up at the front of the house as we prepared to leave. Naturally, we're inspired for another round of those fantastic oysters and a drink, to sit back and enjoy the music, Drake-style.

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