May 3, 2010

Festival of Chefs 2010: Canoe and Frank (AGO)

May has arrived and the Festival has begun, kicking off to a scrumptious start this weekend with Anthony Walsh and Anne Yarymowich. Attendees were greeted with tasty samplers prepared from local, seasonal ingredients like fiddleheads, wild ramps, and heritage pork belly, paired with a red or white wine from Cattail Creek winery.

May 1: Anthony Walsh of Canoe
Basil, Heritage pork belly... Canoe BBQ sauce... Cookstown beets

Anthony Walsh and Team

Wine provided by Cattail Creek

Heritage Pork belly

Fresh Figs and Cheese

Tasting Lunch at the Chef's table

May 2:
Anne Yarymowich of Frank

Spring Paella! Rabbit, chicken, fiddleheads, asparagus, ramps, and artichokes

Anne Yarymowich, Afrim, and team

Festival Tasting Lunch

Toronto Zoo exhibit

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