Apr 9, 2010

A Launch Party of Operatic Proportions

We have discovered from past experience that Cheese does pair nicely with Opera, and so we're  excited to announce a very special guest for the 2010 Festival of Chefs Launch Party.

April 21 at about 7pm,  Canadian Opera Company soprano Laura Albino will regale us with what will no doubt be a stunning performance of 2-3 arias. This will be one of her last before the season end in May.

Here is your chance for a "taste" of Opera without having to get all dressed up.

Laura Albino 
courtesy of Domoney Artists

A photo from last year's launch party:

Chefs await their introductions at the 2009 Festival of Chefs Launch party

We would also like to announce that our silent auction in benefit of the Toronto Zoo has now started. Bidding is in-store only-- no emails!  Full details can be found on our information page.

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