Apr 16, 2010

COC au Vin... et Fromage!

Opera, wine, and cheese assembled under one roof last night for The Canadian Opera Company's 11th Annual Fine Wine Auction at Crush Wine Bar. It was wild and rowdy as one usually expects from these soirees, and auctioneer Stephen Ranger's vocal range was indeed put to the test.

Our "cheese ambassador" Afrim Pristine was kept on his toes assembling delectable sampler plates for cheese-loving attendees. With all that nice, pair-able wine circulating around, it's not surprising that every crumb was eaten up! Sorry, mice of King St. West, no cheese left for you.

If reading this has you jonesing for a cheese/wine/opera event, then here is a reminder that you will find all three at our 2010 Festival of Chefs Launch Party. Wednesday, April 21, 6-8pm, at CheeseB-- hope to see you there, and wishing all a great weekend!

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  1. Anonymous8:40 PM

    Hmmm... Muy delicioso!