Apr 22, 2010

2010 Festival of Chefs Launch Party

Cheese, 10 Chefs, Champagne and a Camel....when was the last time you went to a party like that?!??!!

There are parts of the world where a camel really wouldn't be a... "is-that-what-I-think-it-is" traffic stopper. But in Toronto, mobile lines were most likely overloaded around 6 pm last night with people sending pics to friends and family a "believe it or not moment", Ripley Avenue had a camel walk. Michael of Arabia (Bonacini) launched last night's Festival of Chefs along with 'Alice' the Camel from the Toronto Zoo which set the tone for this year's month long event.

Michael Bonacini and Alice the Camel

Alice arrives at Cheese Boutique

Sophia with Explorer Bear

The gorilla took a trophy. No one argued.

Escorted inside by the Cheese Boutique Girls Hockey Team

MC Michael Bonacini and Canoe's Anthony Walsh

Patrick McMurray of Starfish

Soprano Laura Albino

The launch will be extended this Saturday, April 24, CheeseB will be at the Toronto Zoo to promote the May-Festival of Chefs.

Thanks for all that came out to party and we hope to see you regularly throughout May weekends and sample the mystery dishes to come. Don't forget there is a $5 donation entrance for each sampling that includes wine.

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