Mar 5, 2010

Terroir IV

On Tuesday, March 2: Terroir IV took place at Hart House. This year's theme: "Inspiration and Innovation."

Afrim Pristine provided a wide selection of treats, as well as mid-morning cheese tasting.

But why stop at one day of incredible food when you can have two? CheeseB hosted a Terroir "after-party" in the store on Wednesday night, a several course dinner for over 30 people, with Langdon Hall's Jonathan Gushue overseeing proceedings. The wine was from Norman Hardie and paired by Norman himself in attendance.

This was the final stop for the participants of the Terroir IV Culinary Media Tour. It would have to be the final stop-- no doubt it shall be several days before any of the guests can eat again.

Many of the guests were writers themselves, and below is a sampling of tweets from Mitchell Davis (James Beard Foundation) through the night:

Mitchell Davis tweets:

"A wall of jams. I'm not leaving."

"Dinner tonight by Langdon Hall chef Jonathan Gushue at the OMG! fabulous Cheese Boutique. I am in heaven."

"The first hors d'oeuvre by Gushue: pulled turkey mole sliders and chorizo tamales with avocado sauce"

"Goat cheese, truffle and pork tenderloin potstickers"
Here is what they ended up eating that spawned the raves:

Presse of Rouge fois Gras & Pig tail

Ice Wine Marinated Pickerel

Glazed Colville Bay Oysters

Slow Roasted Beef Rib-Eye

Cheese Tasting with Afrim

Basil & Balkan Yogurt "Trifle"

Chocolate Truffles by Soma

Some photos from the night to give you a hint of what the store ended up being transformed into:

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