Mar 8, 2010

Saturday's Tasting Series, Tonight's Guernsey Girl Cook-off

Tasting Series '10:  Saturday March 6.  A pleasant, sunny afternoon, a busy day at CheeseB. The store smelled amazing all day as Chris Woods of Christopher's Gourmet concocted large batches of risotto with wild mushroom, asparagus, and black truffle oil.

Afrim, Chris Woods, and Ilir


For dessert we provided tarts of lemon, custard, and of course, a cherry on top:


Now there's only one more Saturday left for this year's Tasting Series. Then begins the ramp up for our much anticipated May Festival of Chefs. Many good things are in the works, and we'll be updating more about that in coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Regular readers of this blog will know that tonight, Monday, March 8, is the big night: the Guernsey Girl Recipe challenge. In just a few hours, from 5:30 til 8:30pm, you will have a chance to taste the recipes and vote for your favourite.

Here are the finalists:

Chef Andrea Damon Gibson (Fred's Breads)
Guernsey Girl Goes Mediterranean

Chef Jason Bangerter (Auberge du Pommier)
Artichoke and Guernsey Girl Terrine

Chef Lora Kirk (the soon to be launched Ruby Watchco.)
Slow Braised Short Ribs and Guernsey Girl Cheese Poutine

For the full recipes and ingredients go to the Upper Canada Cheese voting page.

Ah, and we noticed that Chef Bangerter posted this picture of the Guernsey Girl terrine on Twitter. Looks like it will be very tasty indeed.

Hope to see you there!

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