Mar 9, 2010

Guernsey Girl Challenge: Simply Bovine!

And we have a winner.  Upper Canada Cheese Co's Recipe Challenge event took place at CheeseB last night, recipes were tasted and Golden Cows were awarded.

Only good things have been said of all three finalists' creations, but by a close margin Jason Bangerter came in 1st place for his Artichoke and Guernsey Girl Terrine. has a nice article detailing the night, "Guernsey Girl Finds her True Love"  and the food is described as follows:

"Lora Kirk wooed me with her Slow Braised Ribs and Guernsey Girl Poutine, Andrea Damon Gibson The winning entry(founder of Fred’s Bread) made me pause with her interpretation titled Guernsey Girl Goes Mediterranean—an olive and chipotle bread smothered in melty cheese, but it was Jason Bangerter (Auberge du Pommier) who I fell hard for with his Artichoke and Guernsey Girl Terrine. The terrine featured all Niagara ingredients (including the prosciutto). It was baked, but just before serving fried up in a pan and drizzled with a Muscat vinegar reduction, a garlic infused oil and some micro greens. "

Display of Upper Canada Cheese Co. products

Chef Andrea Damon Gibson 

The Girl in the Grilling pan

Lauren Arsenault of Upper Canada Cheese

Chef Jason Bangerter and his Golden Cow

Chef Lora Kirk accepts her Golden Cow

And Food with Legs posts this in-depth article along with tempting food photos-- and even his own recipe created with the cheese.

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  1. Après avoir lu certains trucs sympa dans votre article, je me sens vraiment bouche bée, car il est assez quitter l'article. A côté de cela, il est également un article de longue durée. Merci de me donner ce type d'informations utiles ..
    Or Guernesey chèvres