Mar 30, 2010

Easter: Hours of Operation

Just a reminder that Easter Hours for the weekend are in effect at CheeseB.
Good Friday 8-5
Saturday 8-6
Easter Sunday closed
Easter Monday 10-6

Let the Egg Hunt begin!

Mar 25, 2010

Point. Shoot... Send!

Photo credit: John Gundy

Photo credit: John Gundy

Photo credit: John Gundy

Announcing "The Event: Closing Night Reception" this Monday, March 29, 7-9 pm.
The Event, described as "a celebration of the local food movement" is photographer John Gundy's inaugural exhibition, featuring many familiar faces, including our own Afrim Pristine as well as past and present Festival of Chefs participants.

Gundy has been a recognizable fixture at food events over the past couple of years, and this is the culminations of those efforts.

Expect a cocktail party and reception, a silent auction, and a chance to win (or buy) a gallery print.

"The Event" is an "event" listing on Facebook, find it here.  Quoting John Gundy from the page:
“My photographs contain images harvested locally from food events. I go in search of honest and active portraits of people deeply engaged in their activity and process, and seen at a vital moment of expression, focus and creation.”

I think that gives us a pretty clear picture -- pun intended.

The official invitation and more can be found on The Event blog.

The Event: Closing Night Reception:
Monday, March 29, 7-9 pm

The Department Gallery Mainspace
1389 Dundas Steet West,
(between Dufferin and Dovercourt)

Tickets are $30.00 and can be purchased by calling the gallery at:
(416) 720-8273
All major credit cards accepted.
A portion of the proceeds from the reception will be donated to Second Harvest.

In other photography-related news, we are pleased to share the images from around the store provided to us by photographer and CheeseB fan Richard Vandentillaart.
Here we have a small sample:

Some tantalizing shots which will undoubtedly prove useful in future! We encourage any and all who are so inclined to photography, hobbyist or pro, to share your Cheese Boutique photos with us. You can share them with the crowd by uploading fan photos to our Facebook page, or email them to:

Mar 15, 2010

Bloom's Nigel Finley closes Tasting Series '10

On Saturday we saw our last day of Tasting Series '10. Guest Chef for the afternoon was the personable Nigel Finley of Bloom Restaurant.  Anyone who braved the unfriendly weather to attend got a sampling of Bertagni filled-pasta with sage and grated cheese.

Photos from the day:

In more controversial news, Good Food Revolution explores the ongoing legal struggle"Michael Schmidt Fights on for Raw Milk."
We found it reposted in The Bovine yesterday, a blog dedicated to following Michael Schmidt and Glencolton Farms.

Mar 12, 2010

Announcing the Official Line-Up for our 7th Annual Festival of Chefs

Spring is upon us again, and for CheeseB this means the excitement is brewing for our 2010 May Festival of Chefs!

The Chefs being honoured are:

Anthony Walsh–Canoe
Anne Yarymovich–Frank (AGO)
Jason Bangerter–Auberge du Pommier
Alida Solomon–Tutti Matti
Mike Steh–reds bistro
Anthony Rose–Drake Hotel
Chris MacDonald–CAVA
John Higgins–George Brown College
Keith Froggett–Scaramouche
Jonathan Gushue–Langdon Hall

As per tradition, we kick things off in style with a Launch Party at the store:

Wednesday, April 21, 6-8 pm @ Cheese Boutique

You are cordially invited to our festivities, led by distinguished restauranteur, TV personality,
Chevalier, and our Master of Ceremonies: Michael Bonacini.
Chefs will mingle with and grant the media interviews and photo-ops throughout the evening. For this special occasion, nothing less than Henriot Champagne & Fresh Truffles...
A new addition to this year’s Festival of Chefs will be a Silent Auction. Proceeds will be going to
our preferred charity, The Toronto Zoo’s–Conservation Programs. We have also partnered with
the Toronto Zoo to participate during the main event on each May weekend.

Cheese Boutique Festival of Chefs: Mission
Invite Toronto’s 10 finest chefs for cooking demonstrations using Cheese Boutique’s ingredients,
every Saturday and Sunday in May. Let them cook, and pair their sample dishes with local wine
wineries for our festival patrons.

By taking these celebrated chefs out of their kitchen and into the public, the foodie is able
to interact with the chef, and the chef is eager to hear the input of the consumer.

If you have any questions about this event, contact Afrim Pristine, 416.762.6292

We'll be talking much more about the Festival and the Chefs in coming weeks, here on the blog, our website and our official Facebook page.

In the meantime, a reminder that tomorrow is the last day of our Tasting Series '10.
We'll have Chef Nigel Finley of Bloom preparing Bertagni filled pasta, and more.
Saturday March 13, 12-4pm

Hope to see you there-- and wishing all a great weekend.

Mar 9, 2010

Guernsey Girl Challenge: Simply Bovine!

And we have a winner.  Upper Canada Cheese Co's Recipe Challenge event took place at CheeseB last night, recipes were tasted and Golden Cows were awarded.

Only good things have been said of all three finalists' creations, but by a close margin Jason Bangerter came in 1st place for his Artichoke and Guernsey Girl Terrine. has a nice article detailing the night, "Guernsey Girl Finds her True Love"  and the food is described as follows:

"Lora Kirk wooed me with her Slow Braised Ribs and Guernsey Girl Poutine, Andrea Damon Gibson The winning entry(founder of Fred’s Bread) made me pause with her interpretation titled Guernsey Girl Goes Mediterranean—an olive and chipotle bread smothered in melty cheese, but it was Jason Bangerter (Auberge du Pommier) who I fell hard for with his Artichoke and Guernsey Girl Terrine. The terrine featured all Niagara ingredients (including the prosciutto). It was baked, but just before serving fried up in a pan and drizzled with a Muscat vinegar reduction, a garlic infused oil and some micro greens. "

Display of Upper Canada Cheese Co. products

Chef Andrea Damon Gibson 

The Girl in the Grilling pan

Lauren Arsenault of Upper Canada Cheese

Chef Jason Bangerter and his Golden Cow

Chef Lora Kirk accepts her Golden Cow

And Food with Legs posts this in-depth article along with tempting food photos-- and even his own recipe created with the cheese.

Mar 8, 2010

Saturday's Tasting Series, Tonight's Guernsey Girl Cook-off

Tasting Series '10:  Saturday March 6.  A pleasant, sunny afternoon, a busy day at CheeseB. The store smelled amazing all day as Chris Woods of Christopher's Gourmet concocted large batches of risotto with wild mushroom, asparagus, and black truffle oil.

Afrim, Chris Woods, and Ilir


For dessert we provided tarts of lemon, custard, and of course, a cherry on top:


Now there's only one more Saturday left for this year's Tasting Series. Then begins the ramp up for our much anticipated May Festival of Chefs. Many good things are in the works, and we'll be updating more about that in coming weeks, so stay tuned.

Regular readers of this blog will know that tonight, Monday, March 8, is the big night: the Guernsey Girl Recipe challenge. In just a few hours, from 5:30 til 8:30pm, you will have a chance to taste the recipes and vote for your favourite.

Here are the finalists:

Chef Andrea Damon Gibson (Fred's Breads)
Guernsey Girl Goes Mediterranean

Chef Jason Bangerter (Auberge du Pommier)
Artichoke and Guernsey Girl Terrine

Chef Lora Kirk (the soon to be launched Ruby Watchco.)
Slow Braised Short Ribs and Guernsey Girl Cheese Poutine

For the full recipes and ingredients go to the Upper Canada Cheese voting page.

Ah, and we noticed that Chef Bangerter posted this picture of the Guernsey Girl terrine on Twitter. Looks like it will be very tasty indeed.

Hope to see you there!

Mar 5, 2010

Terroir IV

On Tuesday, March 2: Terroir IV took place at Hart House. This year's theme: "Inspiration and Innovation."

Afrim Pristine provided a wide selection of treats, as well as mid-morning cheese tasting.

But why stop at one day of incredible food when you can have two? CheeseB hosted a Terroir "after-party" in the store on Wednesday night, a several course dinner for over 30 people, with Langdon Hall's Jonathan Gushue overseeing proceedings. The wine was from Norman Hardie and paired by Norman himself in attendance.

This was the final stop for the participants of the Terroir IV Culinary Media Tour. It would have to be the final stop-- no doubt it shall be several days before any of the guests can eat again.

Many of the guests were writers themselves, and below is a sampling of tweets from Mitchell Davis (James Beard Foundation) through the night:

Mitchell Davis tweets:

"A wall of jams. I'm not leaving."

"Dinner tonight by Langdon Hall chef Jonathan Gushue at the OMG! fabulous Cheese Boutique. I am in heaven."

"The first hors d'oeuvre by Gushue: pulled turkey mole sliders and chorizo tamales with avocado sauce"

"Goat cheese, truffle and pork tenderloin potstickers"
Here is what they ended up eating that spawned the raves:

Presse of Rouge fois Gras & Pig tail

Ice Wine Marinated Pickerel

Glazed Colville Bay Oysters

Slow Roasted Beef Rib-Eye

Cheese Tasting with Afrim

Basil & Balkan Yogurt "Trifle"

Chocolate Truffles by Soma

Some photos from the night to give you a hint of what the store ended up being transformed into:

Mar 1, 2010

Truffley Poutine with Pierre Robillard

Tasting Series '10
Pierre Robillard of Cafe du Lac was in-store on Saturday, making batches of delicious gourmet poutine. With an abundance of cheese curds from Quebec and infusions of our potent house-made truffle oil, it's no wonder these hearty portions were all devoured by 3pm.

Upcoming: Saturday, March 6, 12-4pm-- We'll have Christopher Woods of Christopher's Gourmet Catering stirring up creamy batches of risotto.

As we write.....---------Grilly, Gooey Guernsey Girl featured in the Star---------

Guernsey Girl cheese from Upper Canada Cheese Co. was featured in the Toronto Star today. The image demonstrates how beautifully this cheese grills up-- no doubt Afrim's prediction about its popularity for BBQ season will prove to be quite true.

Taste the cheese for yourself in-store as we host The Guernesy Girl Recipe Challenge event, March 8th. We are informed that the online voting portion of the event is now closed-- we await the announcement of the finalists to let you know.