Feb 8, 2010

Tasting Series'10: Raclette avec Bertrand Alépée

Saturday, Feb. 6: Bertrand Alépée of Amuse Bouche manned the Tasting Series station for the afternoon, dishing gooey, fragrant Raclette goodness for store patrons. The cheese covered a small roasted potato, with a piece of sausage and a gherkin.

This week, Saturday, February 13, we have Anthony Walsh of Canoe preparing Bertagni Filled Pasta.

Cheese Boutique has been giving a coupon bonus for every Wednesday---each week is something different. Here's the latest for download:

 Click me, right-click me, or drag me to desktop to print!

 Print out the image and it's redeemable at the store Wednesday between 3pm and 7pm.

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