Feb 4, 2010

Foodshare Event, Superbowl Cheese Plates, and Other News

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Afrim will be there with all the Cheese, along with a full roster of top Chefs.

Tasting Series: This Saturday, Feb. 6 from 12-4pm, we have Bertrand Alépée of Amuse-Bouche. The feature item to be prepared is Raclette.

Reserve the date, Monday, March 8th: A "Guernsey Girl" is coming, details how of you can be part of a special promotional launch will be coming next week.

It's Superbowl weekend-- do you have your Cheese yet?

As shown in this image just taken of the Cheese Board (there's Afrim-- hi, Afrim), we have a list of recommended cheeses for both teams.

Cheering for New Orleans:
Migneron de Charlevoix
Vento D'estate
Bleu L'escure

Cheering for New Indianapolis:
Brie de Meaux
Big Ed
Ermit Blue

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