Feb 22, 2010

Brad Long brings home the Bacon, and other news...

Tasting Series '10

Brad Long of My Place Pub got the chef-station sizzling on Saturday afternoon with Berkshire pork Bacon. No ordinary bacon is this, as it is cured in-house by resident meat-meister Agim Pristine, ensuring a product you can't find anywhere else. It was served with mixed beans and white vinegar, pomegranate champagne vinegar, and thyme. 

Allowing that flavourful bacon to retain some of its Berkshire fat, Brad asked the question: "
If you can have a sweet tooth, can you have a 'fat' tooth?" 

The next Tasting Series Chef will be in store on Saturday, Feb. 27, from 12-4pm.  Pierre Robillard from Cafe du Lac -- Poutine, poutine, poutine!

We would like to announce the launch of the official Cheese Boutique page on Facebook. Here you'll find events, updates, video, photo albums, and all the other useful things a business page allows-- you don't even have to be a Facebook member to see it.
The fan page will still be around too, it even has a spiffy new profile picture to check out.

Snow flurries are covering the ground as I write this, but Ilir Pristine gets to avoid all of it-- he is on his way to Sicily, on a food-mission for CheeseB.

His letter explains:

"I will be leaving today for Palermo, Sicily. The Government of Sicily is very generously sending me to their fine shores for a food excursion. My guides will introduce me to Sicilian culture and of more importantly their food: products and history. We will be visiting some wineries in the Palermo region and as well cheesemakers and Olive oil producers. The weather conditions are ideal and this accounts for their amazing terroir and of course the byproduct, gorgeous olive oil.

After several days around Palermo I will be going to Catania, Sicily to explore that region where there will be Catania specific delicacies, which to my understanding includes, blood oranges, and all types of delicious sweets.

I would like to thank renowned wine and food writer Michael Vaughan for this excellent opportunity. Can't wait to try those hazelnuts! For those interested I will be posting updates and photos while on my trip."  ~Ilir Pristine of Cheese Boutique

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