Jan 26, 2010

Tasting Series ’10: Pasta so nice, we're doing it twice.

This Saturday, the Tasting Series ’10 presents an exclusive featured product at CheeseB: Gragnano Pasta.

We are hosting guest chef, Marco Zandona of Via Allegro Ristorante. You may have missed chef's last appearance at CheeseB in early December and here's your chance to see and taste what you missed. Expect an afternoon of complimentary samplings of the plethora of Gragnano cuts with a different mix of ingredients for each pack.

12-4 pm, 45 Ripley Avenue. 416 762 6292

Jan 24, 2010

Tasting Series ’10

This past Saturday, CheeseB launched a Tasting Series '10 for the new year that will unravel over the next couple of months.

The concept: specific products for a theme presentation prepared by a master chef. A few of the chefs you'll be able to interact with are past Festival of Chefs participants mixed in with some new (to CheeseB) celebrated culinary guests.

There will be little announcement beforehand as to who's in attendance and what's on the menu. Surprise is the agenda.

Mathew Sutherland, Fat Cat Wine Bar

Yesterday, guests we're greeted in Little Italy by Mathew Sutherland, owner and chef of Fat Cat Wine Bar. Mathew has been a past Festival participant and yesterday delighted customers once more with FONDUE.

The Fondue was a mix of Gruyere and Emmenthal Swiss Cheese thickened with flour and coated with white wine. A cheese sauce that was perfect for a winter day to warm you up.

On a side note, Roncesvalles Avenue is going through an extensive reconstructive project that makes it difficult to travel with only North access. It's a good time to try Fat Cat for those that haven't, and for those that may be hindered with the construction hurdles. Incentive specials makes the extra effort by you worthwhile during this enduring phase of construction that will last throughout the year.

Jan 21, 2010

Wax Paper & Tinfoil. Who knew?

Afrim appeared on the 4th segment of Steven and Chris show this afternoon on CBC. One highlight in the segment brought about a little tip on how to store your cheese among various other topics. Definitely worth making note of.

Jan 18, 2010

Happy 2010 Fellow Foodlovers: We're back and as Cheesy as Ever!

Afrim just finished filming a TV interview with CBC news on Friday, which we are informed will air this Thursday Jan. 21, at 2 PM. 

So to tide you over in the meantime, we invite you to check out some links that have featured the store (and cheese of course!) in recent weeks.

Of particular note is Steel Bananas'  quite comprehensive article: Cheese Boutique: The Art Inherent in Slow Food.

Here we have video of the store (with jazzy music), and interview with Afrim, posted in an 'ad' by Moneris:

An interview focusing on the Pristine family's cheese traditions and recommendations-- valid for Christmas or indeed any time of year: At Home with the Pristines of Cheese Boutique

Tantalizing write-up on some fine select cheeses form CheeseB, and a picture perfect cheese plate:
Every Day Gourmet: "Who Cut the Cheese?"

Here are full 360 panormas of our Foyer, Pasta Room,and Santa Claus in  the Chocolate Boutique.
"Wow.... it's like being in the store!"

To finish up, some pictures of "Cheese Meister" Afrim and co. representing CheeseB at a BMO event in November: