Dec 1, 2009

The Road to Happiness is Paved with Pasta and Cheese

Via Allegro Ristorante courtesy of their Gallery

We announced a few days ago that this Saturday, Via Allegro Chef Marco Zandona is coming to Cheese Boutique. Today we put this fine establishment in the spotlight.

Via Allegro translated means “road to happiness.” Specifically, we can say that the road to happiness might be the Queensway-- it leads us to CheeseB and to Via Allegro Ristorante.

With its surprising location and unassuming exterior, maybe it doesn't appear to be what many call one of the best restaurants in the city. Of course, at CheeseB we know that when you possess a treasure you can get away with an unorthodox locale.

Via Allegro offers treasures a-plenty. Wine-- over sixty available by the glass, a 20,000 bottle showcase mid-room, and an award-winning Sommelier team. Food-- authentic (avant-garde) Italian that has critics singing praises, and places them at number four in Toronto Life's Top Ten Restaurants.
Cheese Boutique at Via Allegro, 2007. Sometimes we go to them.

Read a great review with lovely descriptions at Taste T.O. It's not the most recent, but quite comprehensive. Platinum Beef and Italian Stallion, Lamb Trinity, Bison... Oh look, CheeseB is mentioned too-- where else would the kitchen find five year aged parmigiano-reggiano?

Here is a great chance to meet Chef Zandona, at Cheese Boutique: Saturday, Dec. 5, from 12-4pm. Featuring the Gragnano Pasta of Napoli, and more.

Speaking of Napoli, CheeseB's Ilir Pristine has announced that he is off to Naples for what he calls a "Food Excursion." Sounds very interesting-- everyone who works in CheeseB lives in a perpetual food excursion, so this has got to be good. One of his stop-overs will be a Pasta factory in Gragnano-- We look forward to the pics and updates he'll send from his new Twitter Account.


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