Dec 7, 2009

Pasta feast at CheeseB on Saturday

Via Allegro's Chef Marco Zandona took over the pasta room (our Little Italy) at CheeseB on Saturday:

Afrim, Marco and the feature presentation: Gragnano pasta

Several kinds of pasta were prepared on-site, in the kitchen, for patrons to sample

"A spicy meatball"

Spaghetti, Bucatini, Linguine, Scialatielli al limone... a variety of formats with good sauce such as tomato ricotta. All served with yummy meatballs. Each version was prepared in literally minutes, as the cooking time for this caliber of pasta is quite fast, and the sauces were delicious simplicity itself.

In fact, after all of this inspiration, Oreagano and friends concocted a Gragnano pasta of our own shortly thereafter. Calamarata rigata (calamari-shaped rings), Cheese Boutique cheese, tender veal sausage, and a sauce made from cherry tomatoes-- a dish thoroughly enjoyed by all.

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