Dec 9, 2009

Media Event at Langdon Hall

On Sunday night, CheeseB was at Langdon Hall as one of a handful of featured suppliers showcasing our product: Cheese! Langdon Hall was the grande finale stop on a whirlwind media tour of Central Canadian Cuisine from Quebec through Ontario.
This was true gastronomic indulgence. The guests were led through different environments on the grounds, with each environment highlighting a different course to sample. Starting with charcuterie in the the fish market meeting a full course menu prepared in the dining room while CheeseB closed the evening with Ontario ice wine.

Guests sampled CheeseB exclusives such as 4 year aged Thunder Oak Gouda and the Pristine’s family guarded recipe of caramelized olives, among a few other evening treats. Ontario’s best was definitely elevated that night judging by reactions-- and of course, the second and third round helpings...or maybe that was just me :-)
Executive Chef, Jonathon Gushue, Langdon Hall/Afrim Pristine, "CheeseKeeper"
If you happen to note an influx of our neighbours South of the border on a food pilgrimage here in the coming months—now you know why.

PS. I ate like the king of kings that night, under the category of “intellectual cuisine” because of Executive Chef, Jonathan Gushue’s thoughtful fusion of senses . This past year at Langdon Hall can do no wrong by me—memorable place, memorable food-- I'm looking forward to further experiences in 2010!

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  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Sounds like a deliciously amazing experience!!!