Dec 10, 2009

Ilir goes to Italy, attends Slow Food's Terra Felix event

Recently Ilir Pristine travelled to Campania, Italy, where he was representing CheeseB on a food-centric excursion of touring and tasting.

Highlights: street vendors selling mulled wine and roasted chestnuts, face-to-face meetings with the Buffalo that produce the Bufala Mozzarella, convenience stores that are more like Cheese Boutique than 7-11, even a factory tour of the Gragnano Pasta we've been so excited about lately.

But the main event and primary purpose of the trip was to attend Terra Felix:
Terra Felix is a promotional event which aims to promote the Campania Region amazing food products. It also aims at spreading the incredible delicious flavours of the whole Regional food and wine sector; it promotes traditional local products environment friendly and organic products from Campania agriculture businesses hoping to help agriculture businesspeople meet foreign qualified food experts, organize formative and informative courses in order to improve the knowledge of Campania agrifood excellencies.

Terra Felix basically means "Happy Earth". How fitting that Carlo Petrini, pioneer of the Slow Food Movement, was the keynote speaker. Representatives from around the world were selected by the Italian Chamber of Commerce-- and we extend our thank-you to them for inviting Cheese Boutique.

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