Oct 27, 2009

Truffle Season

I have a love affair with Truffles. It's not the taste, or the exclusivity of this product so much as "the diamond of the kitchen" affects my olfactory nerve. The smell is quite unique and unmistakable. To be clear, we are talking about the real deal--not the chocolatized namesake! Real, pig-snorted-out-of-the-ground, fungus bliss.

The first batch of Truffles have been making their way to CheeseB this week in the launching frenzy of its distribution across the globe. CheeseB is the largest importer of the fungal fruiting body locally selling to both public and finer establishments across the city.

CheeseB is carrying both the White and Black varieties. White shipments come every Thursday with a short window until January, while Black arrives every Wednesday and have a longer period of sourcing until May.

The two are distinctly different, so it's encouraged to compare each for yourself, discover your own preference in how they might be used.

If you haven't had the chance to try Truffles, I'm going to place bets that this weekend at CheeseB, in order to highlight the season--sampling setups that you normally would find on a weekend will be extra surprising in that they may likely involve an impromptu sampling of truffles.

As well, read our previous article about Oreagano's first CheeseB truffle.

Oct 23, 2009

County Gourmet

On Saturday, November 14, from 12-4pm, join us at the store for a celebration of the treasures and terroir of Prince Edward County.

This cheese and wine tasting event features the county's Fifth Town Dairy and Norman Hardie Winery. Come sample fine artisanal cheeses and sip some wine, enjoy various samplings, and peruse the functional art of Funktional Art and Design.

Prince Edward County takes over Cheese Boutique for a day, and we want it that way! Hope to see you there!

Oct 20, 2009

Fondue Season

(click on image to read or the direct link to their site)

Oct 15, 2009

Autumn Event Roundup

Hope everyone had a festive and filling Thanksgiving. If you're like me, you're playing catchup on work... and there is plenty to showcase as CheeseB was visible throughout the city including having a mini-fall event at the store.

Moving towards November, CheeseB will be hosting a Prince Edward County Event at the store. More info on that to come but for now here's what you either participated in or if you missed it--some pics to update on the happenings:


Gourmet Gaucho was held on October 3rd that was bar none a carnivore's delight. The gourmet twist was presenting the samples with a latin/Argentine centric flare.

Tango dancing took over the aisles while customers took in the sights and sampled the food. Special thanks go to Gary and Sahori for providing the energy of dance with tango demonstrations throughout the afternoon.

On October 4th, Afrim Pristine helped man the Ontario Cheese Station at this year's Picnic at the Brickworks...the scene was a packed house of hungry guests helping to promote and support the local Slow Food movement... the event however went by too fast...lots of familiar faces to CB below.

Jason Innis from Amuse Bouche Restaurant

On Sept 27 on a grey and chilled morning, CheeseB once again provided breakfast this year to anyone who showed up for the Scotiabank Waterfront marathon, including runners!