Sep 10, 2009

Harbour Sixty, Welcome Back!

Last night, the newly renovated Harbour Sixty threw a big party for the re-opening of one of Toronto's long established favourite Steak houses.

CB played guest-event caterer with their special brand of food station. The setting was close enough to the Film Festival that it had the feel of that kind of party, but was just all about the support that people share for this restaurant.

The Pristine brothers (Afrim, Ilir) had a lot of fun with the guests with all the good mood spirits abound... the pics do the rest of the talking:

Executive Chef of Harbour Sixty, Bruce Kennedy with Ilir, Joy and Afrim

Miss Canada 2009. Mariana Valente with Ilir Pristine

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  1. Seems as if they had a great time with the cheese. SAY Cheese!