Sep 17, 2009

"ENZO". It's Gorgeous, it's Red, and it's HERE!

Introducing Cheese Boutique's new arrival! Now affectionately named "Enzo" in recognition of the elegance and beauty of a finely-tuned, functional machine:

This rare hand-operated Slicer comes to us from Italy. It now occupies the window space at the front of the store. It has been designed with a nod to old-world tradition, with a suitable place of honour for the "Ferrari of meat-slicers".

The results are inarguably superior to the electric machine. Highly precise, it allows for even cuts and delicately thinner shavings than what an electric machine can produce.

Most importantly, the blade is hand-driven, producing a slower rotation to avoid cooking the product, enhancing its subtlety and savour.

This speaks to Cheese Boutique's philosophy of delivering refined products under the best conditions and techniques.

Come in for a Taste-Drive!

Some featured offerings of Cheese B's Salumeria:

Italian Prosciutto Principe di San Daniele: Exclusive to Cheese Boutique, Imported from Fruilli, Italy. The pigs are raised on a diet of acorns and chestnuts. It is aged for 18 months and then goes through regular Cheese Boutique affinage.

An Italian, wood-smoked prosciutto, great for antipasto or pizza.

CheeseB House Prosciutto:
Cured and dry-aged in-house, made from Manitoba Berkshire pigs. Thinly sliced it is a perfect antipasto platter.

Serrano Ham:
The Spanish Equivalent to Prosciutto. A unique ham in which the pigs fatten themselves up on what they forage from the land (acorns, truffles). Aged 18 months.

Pata Negra:
The most famous cured ham in the world, from the Iberico region of Spain. This black-footed pig is fed acorns and truffles. Beautifully marbled and quite expensive, but worth every penny. Savour it!

Berkshire Pork Prosciutto:
Considered the Kobe Beef of Pork. Hailing from Iowa, Berkshire hogs are a heritage breed, no cross-breeding, and the owners can trace the lineage of these pure (and tasty) beasts.

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