Sep 25, 2009

Enzo goes for a spin

As a follow up to our recent post introducing Enzo, I decided I needed a proper introduction all for myself. Off to CheeseB, to the new Salumeria in the front window-- for a "taste-drive"!

With a smooth motion of the hand-cranked wheel, precise cuts fall from the blade. Very thin, very even. It's lovely to watch, and I'm sure it must be a dream to operate (like its namesake, a Ferrari!). No noise, no heat from an electric blade, just the untarnished product. The slices are then placed in careful layers on the deli paper, ready to take home.

My prosciutto of choice was the San Daniele, an Italian product exclusive to Cheese Boutique. Made from pigs raised on acorns and chestnuts, and aged 18 months. Amazing flavour.

Like a stained-glass window, prosciutto sliced by Enzo is a translucent work of art

To accompany this feast, I selected a "flat iron" baguette-- this is one of CheeseB's new in-house baked breads, so it is not by the front of the store with the other breads--look for it by the Chef's station/prepared foods.

I refer to it as a feast, and a feast it was. The prosciutto dissolves marvelously on the tongue, different areas of the slice rich with complex flavours-- heavenly. And the bread is that perfect traditional style of crunchy crust, and a moist chewy inside. Served with a dollop of good extra-virgin olive oil and a splash of balsamic on the plate, I lacked for nothing.

Admittedly, it was hard to stop eating this long enough to take the pictures... but I managed, between bites!

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