Sep 25, 2009

Enzo goes for a spin

As a follow up to our recent post introducing Enzo, I decided I needed a proper introduction all for myself. Off to CheeseB, to the new Salumeria in the front window-- for a "taste-drive"!

With a smooth motion of the hand-cranked wheel, precise cuts fall from the blade. Very thin, very even. It's lovely to watch, and I'm sure it must be a dream to operate (like its namesake, a Ferrari!). No noise, no heat from an electric blade, just the untarnished product. The slices are then placed in careful layers on the deli paper, ready to take home.

My prosciutto of choice was the San Daniele, an Italian product exclusive to Cheese Boutique. Made from pigs raised on acorns and chestnuts, and aged 18 months. Amazing flavour.

Like a stained-glass window, prosciutto sliced by Enzo is a translucent work of art

To accompany this feast, I selected a "flat iron" baguette-- this is one of CheeseB's new in-house baked breads, so it is not by the front of the store with the other breads--look for it by the Chef's station/prepared foods.

I refer to it as a feast, and a feast it was. The prosciutto dissolves marvelously on the tongue, different areas of the slice rich with complex flavours-- heavenly. And the bread is that perfect traditional style of crunchy crust, and a moist chewy inside. Served with a dollop of good extra-virgin olive oil and a splash of balsamic on the plate, I lacked for nothing.

Admittedly, it was hard to stop eating this long enough to take the pictures... but I managed, between bites!

Sep 17, 2009

"ENZO". It's Gorgeous, it's Red, and it's HERE!

Introducing Cheese Boutique's new arrival! Now affectionately named "Enzo" in recognition of the elegance and beauty of a finely-tuned, functional machine:

This rare hand-operated Slicer comes to us from Italy. It now occupies the window space at the front of the store. It has been designed with a nod to old-world tradition, with a suitable place of honour for the "Ferrari of meat-slicers".

The results are inarguably superior to the electric machine. Highly precise, it allows for even cuts and delicately thinner shavings than what an electric machine can produce.

Most importantly, the blade is hand-driven, producing a slower rotation to avoid cooking the product, enhancing its subtlety and savour.

This speaks to Cheese Boutique's philosophy of delivering refined products under the best conditions and techniques.

Come in for a Taste-Drive!

Some featured offerings of Cheese B's Salumeria:

Italian Prosciutto Principe di San Daniele: Exclusive to Cheese Boutique, Imported from Fruilli, Italy. The pigs are raised on a diet of acorns and chestnuts. It is aged for 18 months and then goes through regular Cheese Boutique affinage.

An Italian, wood-smoked prosciutto, great for antipasto or pizza.

CheeseB House Prosciutto:
Cured and dry-aged in-house, made from Manitoba Berkshire pigs. Thinly sliced it is a perfect antipasto platter.

Serrano Ham:
The Spanish Equivalent to Prosciutto. A unique ham in which the pigs fatten themselves up on what they forage from the land (acorns, truffles). Aged 18 months.

Pata Negra:
The most famous cured ham in the world, from the Iberico region of Spain. This black-footed pig is fed acorns and truffles. Beautifully marbled and quite expensive, but worth every penny. Savour it!

Berkshire Pork Prosciutto:
Considered the Kobe Beef of Pork. Hailing from Iowa, Berkshire hogs are a heritage breed, no cross-breeding, and the owners can trace the lineage of these pure (and tasty) beasts.

Sep 15, 2009

Gourmet Gaucho: Saturday, October 3rd, 12-4pm

A one day only complimentary sampling "Meat-Extravanga" inspired cooking by the tradition of the South-American Gaucho will be presented at CheeseB on: Saturday October 3, 12-4 pm.

Featuring: Cheese B's award winning minimum 40 day aged beef, as well as, chorizo, chicken, lamb, and specialty samplings. All cooked over an open-flame--recreating that authentic Gaucho experience. In-house Executive Chef, Juan Salinas will be hosting customers with culinary techniques to savour the last days of summer/early fall grilling.

Adding to the experience, CheeseB presents Tango demonstrations with local instructors, Gary Dafoe and Sahori Fukaya. For more, you can currently source them teaching for a limited engagement at Club Milonga.

You don't want to miss this event! Spanglish encouraged. Dancing is infectious and may inspire some to try a few steps!

Hasta Pronto!

Sep 14, 2009

reds on the Beach

The last days of summer, (sigh), deserve as much attention to the outdoors as possible!

Over on Cherry Beach at the Volleyball courts, reds bistro has been getting together weekly with friends and staff for some energetic games. Most likely building up an appetite for dinner... if you haven't checked out their cheese program talked about ages ago, I would recommend a planned visit as I understand the program has been refined and expanded... perhaps an update visit is in the works :-)

reds staff and friends belting it out:

Sep 10, 2009

Harbour Sixty, Welcome Back!

Last night, the newly renovated Harbour Sixty threw a big party for the re-opening of one of Toronto's long established favourite Steak houses.

CB played guest-event caterer with their special brand of food station. The setting was close enough to the Film Festival that it had the feel of that kind of party, but was just all about the support that people share for this restaurant.

The Pristine brothers (Afrim, Ilir) had a lot of fun with the guests with all the good mood spirits abound... the pics do the rest of the talking:

Executive Chef of Harbour Sixty, Bruce Kennedy with Ilir, Joy and Afrim

Miss Canada 2009. Mariana Valente with Ilir Pristine

Sep 8, 2009

Food, Wine and Music at Eigensinn Farm

"Food, wine and music lovers won’t want to miss a spectacular event hosted by Chef Michael Stadtlander at Eigensinn Farm on Sunday, September 20, from 1 to 5 p.m.

Chef Stadtlander is bringing together 14 of the Toronto area’s best chefs, 20 great wineries and breweries, one fantastic artisan cheese producer and guests including singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer and scientist-broadcaster David Suzuki for a multi-course locavore tasting and wine-pairing adventure. Proceeds from the event will go toward the David Suzuki Foundation’s work to conserve and protect Ontario's Greenbelt and surrounding areas, as well as the farmers of the 10th Concession, Grey Highlands.

“Talk about a great way to unwind from the frenzy of the film fest,” said David Suzuki Foundation development manager Simone Hicken. “This will be a day in the country like no other.”

Those who attend will enjoy food from 14 of the area’s great chefs – including Michael Stadtlander, Jamie Kennedy (Jamie Kennedy Kitchen), Anthony Walsh (Canoe), Trish Donnelly (Oyster Boy), Daisuke Izutsu (Kaiseki Sakura), Jason Bangerter (Auberge de Pommier) and more – paired with wine, beer and cider from 20 local producers – all to the accompaniment of music by guests including Sarah Harmer!

“Ontario’s greenbelt is irreplaceable, and this is a fun way to celebrate it while raising money to ensure it continues to provide invaluable natural services to the area and country,” said the David Suzuki Foundation’s Terrestrial Conservation and Science Program director Faisal Moola. Wrapping around the Golden Horseshoe, the 1.8-million-acre Greenbelt encompasses the Niagara Escarpment, the Oak Ridges Moraine, Rouge Park, hundreds of rural towns and villages, and some 7,000 farms, making it the largest and most diverse greenbelt in the world.

A limited number of tickets will available for $250, a portion of which is tax-deductible."

For more info or to register, go to:

CheeseB unfortunately will not be at Eigensinn this time, but it certainly was spectacular last year!

Sep 4, 2009

Our Little Cheese Bundle of Joy

Announcing a special new Cheese in the store, and you won't find it anywhere else in town but here! This special item, the Monforte Toscano, comes directly from Monforte Dairy. It's a sheep's milk cheese you can try immediately, or watch it age and develop one day at a time, ripening into a unique "child" of the CheeseB and Monforte collaboration.

Wheel of Monforte Toscano

I fully intend to get a taste and more pictures of this-- so stay tuned for an update.

You can follow Monforte on Twitter (we do!) and join the Flock Ewe group on Facebook.

Have a great long weekend, all!