Aug 10, 2009

Peaches, Bratwurst and the Grill

Beautiful Bratwurst on the BBQ

Peach and Sage skewers

Maybe some have found the lackluster weather we've had this summer to be a bit of a deterrent in getting out that BBQ. If so I don't blame them, but right now I think I am becoming convinced that everything we eat should be cooked on the grill. It just tastes so darn good that way!

I stumbled across grilled peach and sage skewers recipe on Chow, and simply had to give it a try. A peach is a peach is a sweet, juicy peach, and CheeseB has several different kinds. And it's Peach season! So I picked up one of each, and the differences in texture and colour create a nice subtle bit of interest on the skewers. They were delicious just as is: raw, with lemon juice, pepper, and sea salt, but after grilling became wonderfully smokey, carmelized and soft.

Instead of chicken sausages suggested in the Chow recipe, I used freshly made (that day) Cheese Boutique's Bratwurst sausages. Substantial things they were, nicely textured and seasoned with herbs, a perfectly delicious combination with the sweet grilled peaches.

Here is some good news, too: the forecast this week is looking warm and sunny and perfect for grilling...

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