Aug 5, 2009

Bravado Avocado

We spotted Chef Juan Salinas and a tray of luscious butter-cream frosted chocolate cupcakes recently in the patio of CheeseB, and, naturally, stopped to learn more.
As it turns out, those cupcakes were baked with avocado. And those friendly folks he was speaking to were with Faye Clack on behalf of avocado growers. Guess what-- they are planning an event with Chef Juan on September 16th, Mexican Independence Day, At Union Station between 6-9am (early morning commuters take note!) there will be good things to eat and a chance to win 20, 000 avocados!

That's a fabulous prize... but you may wonder: what if they all ripen at once?

Ah ha, attend this event and learn the trick for ripening your avocados in a timely manner, and other tips and info. And did I mention there will be food? I suspect a certain green fruit (yes it's a fruit!) will be featured.

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