Jul 10, 2009

Egg Pasta Chronicles: Part III

I'm crying. There's aroma. I'm salivating.

All within 20 min.

The last few weeks have been so pasta centric that I, the big cheese, wanted to try it out for myself after studying all of Oreagano's suggestions. "Gourmet" implies a lot of effort, but here I set out to prove differently. I talked to Agim at CheeseB and he sent me on my way to do something hearty yet delicate and with little effort.

Egg pasta from Filotea is boiled in a wonderful 90 seconds. Repeat: 90 seconds... that, to me, sounds musical.

The breakdown:
Crying...cutting of a Sweet Spanish Onion.

I used truffle oil (truffle season is just around the corner again) to sauté the onion. Once golden...mix in the Panchetta (essentially, thick cuts of bacon) and then finally, pomodora....cook on low heat and until thickened--a little help with some parmesan cheese to speed up the thick! At that point, I dropped in the Pappardelle into the boiling water and voila!

It was an epiphany.

I vow to continue this exploration al forte.

Filotea Pappardelle
Solania Pomodoro
Truffle Oil
Sweet Spanish Onion
topped with Parmagiano Reggiano

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