Jun 4, 2009

The Pasta Chronicles: Part II

Ricotta and Spinach Cannelloni
Few ingredients and few steps are involved in making this classic dish. The star of the show is
La Fabbrica Della Pasta di Gragnano 'e Paccarun Rigati cannelloni, a ridged pasta perfect for stuffing. As well, CheeseB's Sugo al Pomodoro yummy in-house tomato sauce makes another appearance (please refer to Part I ).

Ricotta-filled cannelloni out of the oven...

A new cheese is used this time, the locally produced Skotidakis goat's ricotta. It's nice and creamy but not overly "goaty" in flavour.

And from the produce aisles: one bunch of fresh, sweet spinach.

The technique I used was to half-cook the pasta tubes in boiling water, then stuff them and bake with sauce and olive oil.

For the filling: cook the spinach, gently squeeze out liquid, and chop. Stir in the container of ricotta, and some salt and pepper. This is about enough to fill all the tubes with a little extra for tasting purposes.

In the baking dish, coat with some olive oil and then a layer of sauce. Arrange the tubes with about a half inch room for expansion. I put their ends together thinking that it could help hold in the filling. Then just layer on more sauce and some grated hard cheese, and in it goes.

As the pasta was already preboiled, it does not need to bake for very long. I baked it at 385 F for twenty minutes and then cranked up the broiler for about ten minutes to brown. When it began to dry out on top I spooned on more sauce from the bottom, and added more grated cheese.

... And ready to devour-- just add salad and wine!

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