Jun 30, 2009

Egg Pasta Chronicles: Part I

A section of CheeseB's Pasta Room. Filotea on bottom right.

In order to truly appreciate this pasta, we must first have a little introduction to the unique geography of its origin, a region in Italy known as the Marche (mar-kay). Hilly and lush, here you would find the finest white truffles, or marchigiana beef, or ripest figs, cherries and peaches, or cave-aged formagio di fossa.

The tradition of pasta-making, most notably egg-pasta, is key to the Marche. In the coastal town of Ancona is Filotea, creators of premium dried egg-pasta pastas. To quote their website:

Filotea egg pasta is made using the ancient Campofilone recipe and following, to the letter, the same preparation methods that “grandma” once used. Choosing only the best eggs and flour helps to guarantee a genuine product. Furthermore, the pasta is dried naturally, without the use of artificial dryers. This natural drying process, which can last up to 70 hours, gives it the authentic flavour typical of homemade pasta.
This patient, artisan preparation guarantees a unique product that is extraordinarily light and easily digested, with an excellent ability to absorb sauce that exalts the flavour of all the ingredients.

The knowledgeable folk at Cheese Boutique determine that this is the best of the best, what Italians themselves buy when they want a good pasta and don't have time to make it themselves. CheeseB imports it directly, which means of course it is exclusive to the store. Lucky Torontonians, we can have a little taste of it here at home!

And lucky Oreagano,who shall have a hand at preparing, photographing and devouring their Spaghetti alla chitarra for this blog. That is coming up very soon.

Also, a reminder that Cheese B is CLOSED tomorrow -- Happy Canada Day to all!

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