Jun 1, 2009

Closing Weekend: Festival of Chefs 2009

Saturday, May 30: Mike Steh
reds bistro

It was a delicious month of May at Cheese Boutique at the 6th Annual Festival of Chefs. A big kudos to all the chefs, restaurants and wineries who participated. Also, a large thank you to all the festival goers. You came, you saw, you ate. We hope you had a yummy time, thank you for helping making this year such a success!

Mike Steh and assistant

Smoked Whitefish paté

Smoked whitefish paté (from Purdy's Fishery) was served with pickled wild leek, pickled asparagus, sweet pea relish, mustard green, and reds bistro in-house made petite fort foccacia.... and a sprinkle of paprik.

At the Presentation table: Ken Shaw with family

Sunday, May 31: Jonathan Gushue, Langdon Hall

Langdon Hall closed out the 2009 Festival of Chefs with Gushue and his team creating a scrumptious smorgasbord gastronomic delights. There was such an array of food you could easily eat a full lunch, which many people did… and we do mean many. The sunny Sunday brought in quite the crowd, which left lines meandering around the various food stations. Though the words “long lines” often conjure up irritation, festival goers seemed perfectly content sipping their paired wine while waiting for more food and chatting with their neighbours. While they weren’t waiting in the tented demonstration area, people explored the epicurean emporium that is Cheese Boutique.

Idiazabal cheese, Visichiose chilled Soup with a Walnut Chanterelle salsa

Gushue at Chef's Statin with Beef Tenderloin with chevre noir caper vinaigrette

Pastry Chef Sarah Villamere

The chocolates were:
White Chocolate filled Rhubarb, honey with herbs
White Chocolate filled with Langdon Hall buttermilk with wild ginger
Milk chocolate with fleur de sel (sea salt) and black truffle paste
Dark chocolate filled Langdon Hall Blue Cheese with candied pecans

James Bradley mans the bread station

The Bread Station offered Manchego cheese, grape tomato dunked in herbs and olive oil, with Langdon Hall made Pan Rustique bread and Langdon Hall in-house churned butter.

At the Presentation table: Anna Olson of the Food Network and husband Michael Olson

...see you next year for the 7th annual Festival of Chefs!

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