May 7, 2009

Return of the Feta and other news

Greek Feta and Watermelon

The feta is back-- that same wonderful goat's feta that I used last week in a classic Greek salad. This time I had the valuable advice of Afrim Pristine, who started off with this question, "Have you ever tried feta with Watermelon?"

Watermelon and feta? As a matter of fact, no.

Afrim's recipe, apparently a favourite to serve at dinner parties, is "simple and pure". Watermelon, feta, basil, with a drizzle of olive oil and Solai Vecchi Balsamic crema (that stuff is addictive-- put it on your ice cream! Put it on your toast and eggs!). The quality of the olive oil here is of utmost importance, and he suggested a Torres oil such as El Silencio which was featured in this post.

A cube of watermelon can have a small scoop taken out to fill with feta, or it can be stacked in sliced layers. Cut the basil chiffonade-style, place a little between the layers and on top. Here is a chance to let your inner artist come out: stack it high, make little boats, whatever, it's your kitchen.

Naturally you won't want to waste a drop of that lovely olive oil, so make sure to serve this with a good bread such as a chewy Cheese B baguette.

Oh yes, I said something about "other news", didn't I?

Take a look at Zoomer mag's excellent coverage of the Festival launch party: All Hail the Chefs.

Toronto Life's coverage of Sunday at Festival of Chefs here.

And a reminder that this weekend for the Festival you'll find Massimo Capra on Saturday (come early for this one) and Anne Yarymowich on Sunday from 12-4pm-- hope to see you there!

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