May 19, 2009

Festival Weekend #3

Saturday, May 16: John Higgins
George Brown

Chef Higgins and Chef Lee (Executive Chef at George Brown) prepared an impressive feast of pulled Ontario lamb with caramelized maple onions, herb mayo and a Quebec goat "chevre noir".

Chefs Higgins and Lee

Sweet caramelized Maple onions

Grating up some chevre noir

Exotic, delicious cherimoya fruit to sample

Saturday, May 17: Ryan Gustafson

Chef Gustafson prepared lovely Arancini for lucky attendees. They were filled with 24 hour "Sous-Vide" short ribs, local asparagus and Thunder Oak Gouda and served with pistachios and Royal York honey-cream from their hard-working rooftop bees.

Wine for the weekend was provided by 13th Street Winery.

Ryan Gustafson

Arancini for All

Chef Gustafson gesticulates over Honeycomb

A Herend Sculpture on the CheesesB patio


  1. Just want to clarify, chef Higgins had said it was pulled lamb on Saturday, it may have been just one of those slips we all make when if we're thinking of something else. Regardless of what it was, it was very tasty! I'm just curious as I've tried lamb before and wasn't impressed.

  2. It turns out it was indeed lamb and not pork. Thanks for the correction!