May 29, 2009

Festival of Chefs 2009: Jonathan Gushue

Name: Jonathan Gushue

Restaurant: Langdon Hall

How did you get started as a chef? Food was a big hobby of my father's; he was always in the kitchen making something. He didn't have a huge repertoire, but what he did make was great... I've never worked in anything but a hotel; I initially had no intention in staying in the kitchen and had planned to move to the front.

Do you have a food philosophy, if so, what? Let the product show through and be as natural as possible.

What is your relationship with Cheese Boutique? I met Afrim and Agim when working at Truffles in the Four Seasons. The Pristines make everything an event, everything's over the top. With the Festival of Chefs, they give you all the freedom in the world, which is perfect for demo and food shows because if you run out there's always something else. Generous is the perfect word. The Pristines are very invested in what they do and have a real passion for food. They believe in it and love it themselves; they have a great deal of food knowledge, even more than some of the chefs (who sometimes taste as opposed to really eating food). If you ever have a question for them, you'll get a good, well-informed answer.

Jonathan Gushue will be at Cheese Boutique this Sunday, May 31, between noon and 4pm to demonstrate how to whip up a fabulous dish with Cheese Boutique ingredients.

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