Mar 30, 2009

Honey, You're Special: Part II

The Art of the Beekeeper!

Savannah Bee Company award-winning artisanal honeys have arrived at Cheese Boutique. These honeys comes from small beekeepers who care for their bees, which is good, because-- what else can I say?-- Bees are really cool. And good honey is amazing.

Available are several varietals of the purest quality and each with their own unique properties-- the essence of the flowers they were made from.

Organic Acacia
Orange Blossom
Black Sage
Winter White (from Northern wildflowers)

Best of all is the raw honeycomb, of which Cheese B possesses several immense slabs for delicious purposes-- and also sold in smaller quantities, nicely boxed, for the general public.

In-store selection of Savannah products, featuring one of CheeseB's honeycomb slabs

Honey and Biscuits

It is a box of this honeycomb that I brought home. Savannah's brochure suggested serving it on a hot biscuit, or with cheese, and I did a little of both. I rolled out some butter biscuits, sliced up some of the beautiful honeycomb with a hot knife and placed it on the biscuit with a dollop of quark. The wax, in case you are wondering, is entirely edible!

Little hands can't resist a sweet honeycomb treat!

To make something more elaborate, as seen in the picture above (provided by Savannah Bee Co.) , one of these boxed honeycombs makes a stunning centerpiece for a cheese and fruit plate.

Visit for more information on their story and their products. And contact Cheese Boutique for more information on pairing cheese and honey!

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