Feb 11, 2009

Schmidt Valentine

Hand made in small batches from top quality ingredients, get Joseph Schmidt gourmet truffles from CheeseB's-Chocolate Boutique-- upstairs at the back of the store. Row upon row of the finest imported chocolate brands such as Caffarel from Italy, exotic spiced and flavoured chocolates, and fine candies such as fruit jellies and Turkish Delight. There are cute "Chocolove" bars, marked with XOs and containing a love poem inside. How romantic is that?

I took home a box of six Joseph Schmidt Truffles: Pecan Praline, Double Latte, Black and White Chocolate, Extra Dark Black, Champagne, and Raspberry. One of these large truffles is perfect for splitting in two and sharing-- and they taste very, very good. Need I say more?

One more thing: a reminder that there is a Valentine's Day event on Saturday from 12-4pm. Alida Solomon of Tutti Matti. Hope to see you there!

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  1. I was at the Cheese Boutique on the 14th and had the chance to try those amazing truffles -- truly decadent!

    Is there any way to get full feeds of your blog? I read most of my feeds in a feed reader, and usually don't bother to click through to see the individual posts so miss a lot of what you're writing.