Feb 19, 2009

Mango-Ginger Pork Tenderloin

Specifically, Marinated Mango Ginger Spice Pork Tenderloin with a Quinoa Swiss chard Pilaf and Roasted Fingerling Potatoes... a.k.a: Sunday Dinner. A tasty departure from your average meat n' potatoes.

Fingerling potatoes are silky smooth and flavourful, roasted in olive oil and salt, and the vegetable-laden quinoa pilaf is a perfect bed for the meat.

The marinade/sauce was something whipped up on the spot, based around the classic orange spice glaze commonly applied to pork roasts.

Rather than orange, I used mango juice, and lots of grated fresh ginger. Heat up some oil in a pan and cook a spice mixture of ground cumin, coriander, a small amount of cloves, cinnamon, a little curry powder, and pepper. Wash out the remnants of the aromatic spice mix with a dollop of dark rum. This warm mixture is perfect for quickly dissolving a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar. Add a little apple cider vinegar and grain (or other) mustard. Brown the roast on all sides and let it sit in the marinade a couple of hours, or even better overnight.

To cook, heat the oven to 375 F or so. Remove the meat from the liquid and as it cooks put the liquid in a pot and simmer gently. As the roast cooks spoon some of this sauce over it a few times, and when it is reduced whisk in just a little it of cornstarch dissolved in water to get a subtle thickening. The roast should cook until it is slightly pink in the center and about 140F on the meat thermometer.

Slice, top with the sauce, and enjoy!

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