Feb 26, 2009

Honey, You're Special

There is something new buzzing at CheeseB, a display of small blue jars stacked up at the front of the store-- jars of New Zealand honey. These are the finest Haddrell's of Cambridge Manuka (from the Tea Tree plant) and Rewarewa (from the honeysuckle plant), renowned for their healing benefits as well as their rich, complex flavour. There is an abundance of online material and research on the benefits of this type of honey and its active compounds. This, I believe, puts it in a category above other "natural health" products which may or may not work. In an age where overused antibiotics are becoming decreasingly effective, it seems smart to consider alternatives like this.

But I don't want to be too clinical here, after all this is a blog about foods and flavours! I took home a jar of the Rewarewa honey and a nice round of Paillot De Chevre from the Cheese counter. My goal of course was just to make something tasty. I was thinking of using a standard, plain unripened chevre, but it was suggested that I use the Paillot. This is a Quebec goat's milk cheese, medium strength, aged six months, with a firm, creamy center and a delightful ooziness just beneath the rind.

Paillot De Chevre

I decided to put the honey and cheese on top of traditional Latkes (recipe here), which would usually be topped with sour cream and apple sauce. Compliment this with an accompaniment of sweet navel oranges slices.

Latke with the Cheese and Rewarewa Honey

The result was completely delicious, the caramel drizzles of honey with complex creamy cheese. I had some with dinner and some more for breakfast with the warmed leftover latkes!

There were other recipe ideas on some of the honey websites, such as creaming honey with butter and adding orange zest, to spread on bread or even steak.

If you want to take the honey as medicine, have a teaspoonful 30 min before meals.

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