Jan 19, 2009

An Impromptu Testimonial

Hear these inspiring words written by a local High School student we know-- these are her impressions after taking in some of the sights (not to mention samples) of CheeseB:

"Today was my first experience being at the Cheese Boutique and as soon as I walked through the doors my eyes sprung wide open! It was huge! I saw many varieties of exotic foods, many different types of cheese from around the world, some good looking meat, oh and I can’t forget about the chocolate! I was amazed at everything they had, and what I had not seen before which just made me want to start shopping! Especially all the employees, they were very kind and welcoming people. I really enjoyed being at the Cheese Boutique because I have never been in a place like this and I know this will be a memory to share with friends and family. I also know for a fact this will not be my only visit at the Cheese Boutique, and for anyone who hasn’t been there I recommend you check it out, you will be just as amazed!"


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