Jan 30, 2009

Big Cheese preps for the Big Game

O-reagano passed the ball, declined to flip the coin and let me have a go at this week's food entry. It's the Superbowl and I, a non-sports watcher am going to study the culinary depths of football fare and report the play-by-play. Medics are standing by.

On first glance in preparation--one has to know that this sports extravaganza can last beyond four hours. That is a lotta time in front of raw drama and would drive hunger into any being alive.

So I asked Cheese Boutique--do you have food to fuel the spirit of the rumbly crowd, I mean my stomach, to engage the spirit of the game?

Baby-Back Pork Ribs--a rack of it. Throw in oven with sauce. Gourmet Chili pre-made from Frontera-- add in house ground beef-- done. Gorge.

If you are looking for easy this is about as easy as it gets.

Heat set at 275° with a touchdown distance of 2 hours for completion--apply Frontera BBQ sauce liberally to not let them dry up and its done...I did also sprinkle garlic salt for a little spike to it while cooking.

Chili---I followed Frontera's instructions to a tee....heat ground beef for a few minutes or until all of it is browned in a deep saucepan...add bottle of chili...add one cup of water and stir on low heat to simmer. 20 minutes later--you're good to go.

Enjoy the game on Sunday, and if you need other suggestions for your Superbowl fix
ask Agim.

Frontera Chipotle Black Bean Chili
Frontera Sweet and Smokey BBQ Sauce
Frontera Roasted Tomato Salsa
Frontera Stone Ground Tortilla Chips
Cheese Boutique ground Beef and baby back pork Ribs

Jan 19, 2009

An Impromptu Testimonial

Hear these inspiring words written by a local High School student we know-- these are her impressions after taking in some of the sights (not to mention samples) of CheeseB:

"Today was my first experience being at the Cheese Boutique and as soon as I walked through the doors my eyes sprung wide open! It was huge! I saw many varieties of exotic foods, many different types of cheese from around the world, some good looking meat, oh and I can’t forget about the chocolate! I was amazed at everything they had, and what I had not seen before which just made me want to start shopping! Especially all the employees, they were very kind and welcoming people. I really enjoyed being at the Cheese Boutique because I have never been in a place like this and I know this will be a memory to share with friends and family. I also know for a fact this will not be my only visit at the Cheese Boutique, and for anyone who hasn’t been there I recommend you check it out, you will be just as amazed!"


Jan 15, 2009

Cold/Hungry : Warmth/Stew

It is very, very cold outside

Getting warmer....

Perfectly Cozy

I followed This Recipe from jamieoliver.com, with a few changes to some of the ingredients. I took the suggestion to not brown the meat beforehand as I usually do, only coating it in a little flour. Instead of half a bottle of drinking wine I used Roland Red Cooking wine, and was sure to put in the Jerusalem artichokes which it lists as optional. Parsnips: snipped out altogether due to not having any. I cooked the stew with a sprig of the fresh rosemary and used less sage, which I chopped instead of adding whole.

The mixture of minced lemon zest, fresh rosemary and garlic made a fantastic final touch-- I considered forgoing this step but I'm glad I didn't, it really adds zing.

Most importantly, I used Cheese Boutique's Minimum 40 day dry-aged AAA stewing beef-- dark, remarkably dry out of the package, and quite tender. This alone would change the flavour and final result of the dish, as the meat is more aromatic and reached a state of tenderness earlier in the suggested cooking time.

I would say this is a good recipe worth trying. It has sweetness from the squash, an exotic nuttiness form the Jerusalem artichokes, and is satisfyingly rich with a nice balance of flavour from the wine and herbs.

I served it with a hearty, crusty loaf of fresh multi-grain bread from the CheeseB bakery counter and a glass of Australian Cabernet.

It is for meals like this that I almost enjoy the dead of winter!


• a knob of butter
• 1 onion, peeled and chopped
• a handful of chopped fresh sage leaves
• 800g/1¾lb stewing steak, cut into 5cm/2 inch pieces
• sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
• flour, to dust
• 4 carrots, peeled and halved
• ½ a butternut squash, halved, de-seeded and roughly diced
• several Jerusalem artichokes, peeled and halved
• 500g/1lb 2oz small potatoes
• 2 tablespoons tomato purée
• 1/2 cup Roland Red cooking wine
• 1/2 cup red drinking wine
• 285ml/½ pint beef or vegetable stock

• zest of 1 lemon, finely grated
• a handful of rosemary, leaves picked
• 1 clove of garlic, peeled and finely chopped

Jan 12, 2009

CheeseB winter forecast: stay indoors and get cooking!

We are now well into 2009 gearing up for an eventful and delicious year ahead. The 6th annual May Festival of Chefs brings five fabulous weekends of amazing food and a chance to meet the people who prepare it. The line-up of chefs is not yet confirmed-- but we'll have more on that in the near future.

Before Spring hits, an upcoming event with guest Chef Alida Solomon of Tutti Matti. Saturday, February 14th, from 12pm to 4pm. It is a Valentine's Day themed event, you can bring your sweetheart but certainly bring your appetite.

And we have had a Tech break-through and managed to get high resolution YouTube video on the website-- check it out, on the home page-- "Hide and Cheese."

Stay tuned for further announcements and recipe posts, coming soon!