Dec 12, 2008

Think Inside the Chevre-Box

It is a glass walled box displayed prominently at the cheese counter, a small emulation of the aging vaults back-store, and under the careful supervision of cheese-keeper Afrim Pristine. Contained within are an assortment of fine goat's milk cheeses from France and Quebec -- little chevre-jewels coated with a fine mold.

They have been subject to a careful aging process, no longer than 90 days, that culminates in each small batch receiving its one day of finishing in the climate-controlled display. Or perhaps less, such as on a busy day like today when the entire contents are purchased and replenished three times over-- with a number of hours to go until closing time!


  1. I bought one of the little gems from Quebec and it was WONDERFUL!!! So incredibly creamy!

  2. These photos make cheese look so artsy and chic, as should be mind you!!

  3. Thank-you CheeseGoddess-- "artsy and chic"... wonderful!
    And what you don't see here is what is in the Chevre box now, heart-shaped ones, perfect for cheese-lovers on Valentine's. Hmmm, maybe some more pictures from the chevre-box are required....