Dec 12, 2008

Think Inside the Chevre-Box

It is a glass walled box displayed prominently at the cheese counter, a small emulation of the aging vaults back-store, and under the careful supervision of cheese-keeper Afrim Pristine. Contained within are an assortment of fine goat's milk cheeses from France and Quebec -- little chevre-jewels coated with a fine mold.

They have been subject to a careful aging process, no longer than 90 days, that culminates in each small batch receiving its one day of finishing in the climate-controlled display. Or perhaps less, such as on a busy day like today when the entire contents are purchased and replenished three times over-- with a number of hours to go until closing time!

Dec 5, 2008

Dec 2, 2008

Massimo Capra is rowing to Cheese B this weekend!

This Saturday December 6th, Chef Massimo Capra and Cheesekeeper Afrim Pristine will be doing a special promotion from 12pm til 4pm, to meet with the public and discuss the upcoming Cruise.

And rumour has it Massimo will be cooking up some of that in-house aged Prime Rib Roast mentioned in yesterday's post. Tempting, isn't it? And I am certain there will be blogging about this after the fact, so stay tuned!