Nov 13, 2008

The Provolone Procession

What's in the crate, you ask?

It's an 868 lb, 10 foot tall... Cheese! One of only four made in the world at any time in history.

An authentic Auricchio Provolone of finest quality... which Cheese B is now aging in the Vault for five years.

Waiting in the Vault until that day, sometime in 2013...


  1. let me know when it gets broached I can be right over...

  2. I heard there was a cheese Cheese Boutique had that has been marinating in red wine for a while, due to be taken out this Xmas... will there be a posting about that soon? I'd love to try some!


    You heard correct! Goat cheese dunked in Malivoire red......that link is your archive to the how and when. Just a few more weeks now and the opening of the barrel will be unhinged.

    I will snoop a little more with Afrim if they have an exact date so you can be one of the first in line.

  4. Hmmm, I didn't tag that link correctly--March archives near the bottom and you'll find that post as well.