Nov 28, 2008

Holiday Treats at Cheese Boutique

Panettones, cakes and cookies stacked high

Marzipan piggies in a row

Panettone and puppet

Assorted Joseph Schmidt truffles

Gourmet candy canes on display

The cheese of the season is the Vacherin Mont d'Or, just released from a 45 day bathing in the cheese cellar. It is a raw cow's milk A.O.C cheese made only with summer milk in the French Alps and only available for a short time.

Also available to order is the Prime Roast-- aged sixty days in-house.

We were hoping as well that this Christmas would see the grand un-barreling of the goat cheese (refer to this post) marinating in Malivoire all these months... we asked Afrim about it and he said that, well, it's not up to him to decide-- the cheese will tell him when its ready. And when it decides to be ready, rest assured, there will be a post about it!

Stay tuned for upcoming recipes... Happy Holidays from A Blog of Cheese!

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