Sep 18, 2008

Shouting out El Silencio!!!

Today's post features a very special Olive Oil... naturally, Cheese B has a well-chosen variety, but the one recommended to me was Torres "El Silencio" extra-virgin Picual, from Miguel Torres. Check out the Torres website: Torre Real.

Cheese Boutique is the exclusive importer of this product in Canada. Afrim described it to me as having flavours of mango and papaya, and says the price is actually lower here than in Spain due to export subsidies--he tells me it's one of the best deals in the store, with so much quality for the price. Along with this, I picked up the Torres Cabernet Sauvignon wine vinegar. And to fit with the "Spanish" theme a large wedge of Spanish Manchego Sheep's Cheese:

After bringing home my coveted bottle of special oil, I unscrewed the lid (almost expecting a cork!) and smelled the contents. Lovely fruity aromas wafted to my nose. The taste is delicate and fine, so of course it's best not to use it in high-heat cooking or anything that would mask its qualities, but it's wonderful to have around to add something extra to your recipes. If you are a fan of olive oil I highly recommend giving this one a try. If you are not sure if you are a fan, then I think I know a way for you to become one!

The fuss-free meal I prepared was simply a salad of avocado, figs, red onion and cucumber, some pre-made ravioli, and generous amounts of grated Manchego. I drizzled the oil and vinegar just before serving. Most delicious! The wine vinegar retains a rich wine flavour and sweet acidity, the cheese sparkles with pungent goodness.

In other news, Cheese B was featured in the Toronto Star today.

Featured Ingredients, from Cheese Boutique:

Torres "El Silencio" Extra Virgin Picual olive oil
Torres "La Oscuridad" Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar
Spanish Manchego cheese

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  1. Que me encanta Manchego ... :-)

    Seriously, the only Spanish cheese I love more is Queso Fresco de Burgos, served with membrillo (quince paste).

    Although now that I think about it, I've never said no to Cabrales, nor Tetilla ... etc.