Sep 27, 2008

Breakfast at The ScotiaBank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

5:30 am Sunday....(I'm still wondering how I managed to wake up).... I'm up early to catch Agim set up a breakfast table as part of representing the Swansea community that came out to support runners at this year's event.

For those that were stationary--- CheeseB had a healthy selection of fruits, and perhaps a not so healthy selection of morning pastries but I for one wasn't going to complain-- I mean the apple danish still has apples in it, right?

At the intersection of Windermere and Lakeshore, the course bends back to the downtown route already completing 12 km and CheeseB was there to greet and cheer them on. Watching the lead olympians was quite a moment of inspiration and amazingly a lack of perspiration. The throngs of runners that followed was an endless wave of colourful and earnest Torontonians all receiving my highest kudos for competing... in the meantime I was encouraging them with a danish in my hand.

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