Aug 7, 2008

Truffle II: The Picnic

Still in possession of the truffle from last week, and in need of picnic material for a road trip through Cottage Country, a Truffle/Chevre spread was created. This turned out to be quite wonderful-- I warmed the mild, unripened goat cheese very briefly in the microwave, to soften it, then mixed in the minced truffle. Lots-- I used the rest of it all up.

I happened to have some polenta which I sliced, pan fried and cooled, and put together some ingredients for impromptu sandwiches-- Italian rolls, pea sprouts, cucumber, prosciutto, mixed baby greens. There were local cherry tomatoes, and sweet Ontario apricots for dessert.

A tasty picnic on a lovely day by the lake in Muskoka! The truffle and chevre spread tasted phenomenal-- very very truffley after mingling flavours for a couple of hours.

Now my vacationing continues farther afield so I will not be writing up any recipes next week--
but, as always, check in here for updates on events and happenings around Cheese Boutique!

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  1. MMmmm, Delish!! Thanks O-R! Say hi to the big cheese for me!